The Herd Members

Clever (2013)

Q05721 ~ Small star slightly to left at top of eye level. Cowlick slightly to right just above eye level. 

Zepper (2015)

S02931 ~ Left fore: coronet white on inside and on inside in front; dark spots on coronet. Right hind: ankle white, lower on inside and in back, higher on outside in back; dark spots on coronet. Cowlick slightly to left at top of eye level. 

Puddin (2015)

S22071 ~ Large curved star open to left on bottom, slightly pointed at bottom on right. Right fore: patches of white hair on ankle. Median cowlick at eye level.

Previous Members of the Herd

Turtle (2012)

Returned to TAI. December 2018 – June 2020

P13385 ~ Few white hairs slightly to right in forehead. Median cowlick above eye level.

Ava One (2002)

Returned to TAI. July 2016 – June 2020

OKB 67415 

F18801 ~ Small irregular star slightly to left in forehead. Median cowlick at eye level. 

Dad Says Yes (2001) October 18th 2019 – June 8th 2020

Dad lost a bunch of weight and was surrendered to the sheriff while at the Vets for treatment to be placed into a larger rescue.

**we still owe nearly 2000 on her vet bill**

Tip Tap & Kitles (January 18th 2020)

Kittles passed after delivering a filly at TAI. (May 29th 2020)

Tip Tap has been rehomed. (October 5th, 2020)

LIL MAN was an approximate 5 week old foal, arrived in rough shape & passed after 2 days due to a strangulated hernia while in the Vet’s ICU.

MereMare we humanely euthanized after 3 weeks due to her falling and being unable to get up and stay standing without assistance. Her age is unknown as is her history or even if Lil Man was her foal.

They arrived April 20th, 2020. Lil Man passed April 22nd. MereMare was euthanized May 13th.